Harbour Craft® Fiberglass Doors

Tru Tech, a leading manufacturer of entry door systems is pleased to announce the Fiberglass Collection. Our Fiberglass Collection offers the highest durability door for any climate. With our superior wood grain finish that can be easily stained to match any decor, only you will know it's not real wood. Prefer a painted finish? Not a problem. With Tru Tech Fiberglass Doors you are sure to find the perfect look for you.

The Harbour Craft Collection is the first of many Tru Tech fiberglass doors. Using a patented technology and a unique mould process, Harbour Craft Fiberglass doors mimic the grain, texture and construction of a handcrafted hardwood door. And just like a real wood door, the process starts with the highest quality hardwoods. Each mould is made from a select piece of mahogany, oak or cherry to guarantee the authentic look and feel of real wood. Our vast array of rich, embossed panels and complementary doorlites, sidelites and frames will complete your look. Our moulded fiberglass exterior frame and polyurethane foam core will provide superior thermal performance and strength. So if you've always desired the beauty of wood but not the maintenance...look no further than a Tru Tech Fiberglass Door.

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6' 8" Harbour Craft 8' Harbour Craft Wood Grains

Harbour Craft Fiberglass Collection
Features & Specifications
  • Stain or Paint
  • Distinct raised moulding, authentic wood grain look
  • Built in exclusive Colonial style door lite frame
  • Selected 8' models available in wood edge only
  • Tested performance
  • Fiberglass Door Construction
  • Wood Edge Construction featuring wider stiles provides enhanced security, durability and strength
  • Polyurethane foam core for superior thermal performance and added door strength
  • Unique panel configuration
  • Open and ready for glass
  • Features built in door lite frame
  • Aluminum construction
  • Dry glaze system
  • Screw cap cover on interior to cover screws
Traditional Harbour Craft Series, Rustic Harbour Craft Series and Craftsman Harbour Craft Series Limited Lifetime Warranty

Subject to the limitations and conditions established below, Tru Tech Doors warrants that from the date of the original installation, its door panel, when used in residential application will be free of manufacturing defects in the material and workmanship for the lifetime of the door.

Tru Tech Doors grants these warranties only to the original purchaser of the door and the original purchaser of the building where the door was installed. THIS WARRANTY IS NOT TRANSFERABLE.

This warranty excludes any defects in applied coatings, any glass inserts (where a glass insert is factory installed please refer to the appropriate glass warranty) or other accessories. Also excluded from this warranty are defects resulting from (a) minor scratches or minor visual imperfections; (b) exposure to air pollutants; (c) exposure to chemicals, acid or fumes; (d) improper handling, storage, abuse, vandalism, misuse, impact by a foreign object, natural disasters, fire, explosions or other casualty; (e) installation or maintenance not conducted in strict adherence to the manufacturers written instructions (including failure to maintain the finish, see note below); (f) air and water infiltration during severe weather conditions; (g) any failure of the structure/building/foundation into which the door was installed; (h) damage caused by exposure to excessive heat (e.g. installed behind a non-ventilated storm door that is exposed to the sun); (i) modification and/or the installation of hardware, locks, door lites or any other component must not cause any infiltration of water; (j) damage caused by freight carriers, common carriers, private transportation or any other means of transportation or handling occurring after shipping from Tru Tech Doors; (k) any other cause beyond the manufacturers control and not related to the actual manufacturing process.

NOTE: All Tru Tech Doors Harbour Craft Fiberglass Doors must be finished within six (6) months of the installation date for continued warranty coverage. All doors must have all six (6) sides finished and on out swing doors, the sides, top and bottom must be inspected and maintained as regularly as all other surfaces.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights. Other rights vary from province/state to province/state and may apply to you. Some provinces/states and federal laws do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties. In the event these laws apply, then the length of any implied warranty shall be one (1) year of the shortest time, in excess of one year permitted under applicable law. Similarly, some provinces or states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages and if applicable, this limitation will not apply.

If a defect occurs, Tru Tech Doors, at its sole discretion, will furnish a replacement door, repair the door or refund the original purchase price. If Tru Tech Doors chooses to provide a replacement, the Limited Warranty of the replacement will extend only for the balance of the original warranty period. Tru Tech Doors MAXIMUM LIABILITY IS LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE.

Tru Tech Doors will not pay for the costs of labor, installation or finishing for any replacement door. No representative of Tru Tech Doors or any other person has any authority whatsoever to assume for Tru Tech Doors any other liability or responsibility in connection with the door warranted herein.

If you have a warranty claim, please notify Tru Tech Doors within 30 days of discovering the defect. Include in the claim, a description of the door, the name and address of owner and installer, proof of purchase and a detailed explanation of the defect.

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